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Plumeria Seeds (30 seeds/pack)

Plumeria Seeds (30 seeds/pack)

$ 10.00

Seeds can be shipped internationally via first class mail, as well as within the United States via first class mail or three day shipping. Be sure to choose the proper shipping method at checkout.

Each packet contains 30 seeds from one plumeria cultivar. 

Plumeria seeds are unique in that they are not true to the mother plant. When you take a cutting from a plumeria, the cutting is genetically identical to the mother tree. However, with seeds, plumerias can be cross pollinated, manually pollinated, pollinated by nature, or they can be asexually pollinated. When pollen from one plumeria is used to pollinate another plumeria cultivar, you end up with cross-pollinated seed pods that will exhibit characteristics from both parent trees. Even when seed pods are formed asexually, the seeds do not grow 100% true to the mother plant. Essentially, you create a new cultivar of plumeria when you grow from seeds! 

Why grow from seed?

1. To grow new, breath-taking cultivars

2. To grow rootstock for grafting

3. To see the unique, one-of-a-kind first bloom! 

4. To acclimate seedlings to your climate.

Seeds selected are from healthy mother-trees on our property which houses over 100 varieties of plumerias and 2 beehives. Some seeds are cross-pollinated manually, while most are pollinated naturally by insects and weather. Above, seeds can be selected for purchase based on the bloom color of the mother tree from which they were collected. Though the selection is based on color, the name of the mother tree will be labeled on the seed packet. If you are looking for a particular mother tree, please email us or put the name of the mother tree in the "special instructions" or "message" box when you place your order and we shall do our best to accommodate. 

**amount of seeds per packet may vary but will be close to or just over 30 seeds/packet**

To grow from seed: Select container(s) with multiple drainage holes in the bottom. Wet your well-draining soil mix and allow excess moisture to drain. Lightly tamp down soil to form an even surface. Place seeds on the soil surface approximately 2-4cm apart. Add a fine layer of potting soil over-top the seeds as to cover them completely. Water once and allow the soil to settle, adding more soil if needed to ensure seeds are covered, and place in full sun. Keep soil somewhat moist for the first week, without allowing soil to completely dry out until growth is seen erupting from beneath the soil surface. Though it can take up to a month to see seedlings, most plumeria rubra seeds will germinate within 2-3 weeks. Try not to disturb seedlings. When seedlings reach a height of 4 inches, or have given 3+ "true leaves" (the initial pair of leaves are seed leaves which give the plant nutrients to form true leaves) you can transplant seedlings into individual containers. 

**Please review terms and conditions at check out**

WINTER DISCLAIMER: During the winter months (December, January, February*) we highly recommend adding "Uniheat 72 hour heat pack" to your order. Plumerias are tropical plants and must be kept warm when shipped to destinations where temperatures may fall below 45 degrees. As soon as a package is in the custody of the postal service, whose vehicles and respective warehouses are not temperature controlled, buyplumerias is no longer liable for any shipping delays that may occur due to COVID-19 or the holiday season. We suggest that customers purchasing items from our store for the holidays do so well in advance to avoid any incidents or delays. Orders which do not include a heat pack during the above stated time period will be subject to returns and replacements at the discretion of a associate. 

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