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ABC Tropical Plant Nursery, Inc.

For over 20 years ABC has specialized in growing the Plumeria or (Frangipani). These wonderful plants do exceptionally well in full sun and can even thrive on the beaches in our area. ABC currently grows over 50 cultivars giving you the options of dazzling colors and leaf textures of your choice. ABC also carries several of the dwarf varieties in pink and white that can be used as accent plants in the landscape. If you are looking for that tropical look for your landscape, then Plumerias are for you. Each cultivar carries its own individual scent and all varieties are very fragrant. The larger the plant you have, the longer the bloom cycle. Because Plumerias require little water, these plants can add that stunning look and feel to any landscape no matter how hot the area is. ABC carries Plumerias in small one gallon containers to as large as 25 gallon containers for any planting site. You can also order cuttings of individual plants online and have them shipped to your home. Check out our catalog!

If ABC does not have the variety or size you are looking for, allow us to find one and bring it in for you. Most Plumerias in our area will mature at 6-8ft in height and give you the tropical effect that you need for your Florida home.