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One of our newer varieties, the Elsie boasts large bouquets of candy-cane patterned pink and white blooms.  Elsie's growth habit is extremely compact, branching every 4-6" with a bouquet of pink and white blooms. 

Although Elsie takes over 3 months to fully root, a few cuttings will be available for purchase on our website throughout the year. Elsie is unique in it's compact growth habit, meaning cuttings will typically have 3+ tips on a shorter stalk. Pricing reflects rarity and the amount of tips. 

Scent Profile: delicate floral (Soft scent of petals and fresh blooms that do not trail far)

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WINTER DISCLAIMER: During the winter months (December, January, February*) we highly recommend adding "Uniheat 72 hour heat pack" to your order. Plumerias are tropical plants and must be kept warm when shipped to destinations where temperatures may fall below 45 degrees. As soon as a package is in the custody of the postal service, whose vehicles and respective warehouses are not temperature controlled, buyplumerias is no longer liable for any shipping delays that may occur due to COVID-19 or the holiday season. We suggest that customers purchasing items from our store for the holidays do so well in advance to avoid any incidents or delays. Orders which do not include a heat pack during the above stated time period will be subject to returns and replacements at the discretion of a associate. 

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